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Fitness Classes

Our range of fitness programs are specially designed for adults to help you achieve your fitness goals and build a healthier you. Classes include Zumba, Barre, Hip Hop, Yoga and Bodyweight Fitness to cater to your fitness needs and personal interests. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing our clients with a fun and personalized workout experience.

Join our fitness family today to start working on your physical fitness, relieve stress and improve your mental health!

Zumba Dance Class


Our Zumba classes are energetic and designed to get your heart pumping and your body moving. The Latin-inspired dance routines are designed to improve your coordination and overall fitness.



Low Impact, full body workout that combines elements of ballet, pilates and yoga to strengthen and tone muscles while improving flexibility and posture. 



Yoga is designed to complement and enhance your overall fitness and wellness. Through various poses and breathing techniques, this class will guide you to help build strength, flexibility, balance, reduce stress.

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Bodyweight Fitness

Dynamic and challenging workout that utilizes the resistance and weight of your own body to build strength, improve endurance and enhance overall fitness. 

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