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Dance Classes

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, Happy Feet Dance Studio has the perfect class for you. Our expert instructors, who will guide you every step of the way. Our studio offers a comprehensive range of dance styles, including ballet and tap, acro, jazz, drillteam prep, and hip-hop. No matter what type of dance you’re interested in, we have something for you.

Join our dance family today to improve or learn new dance moves.

Young Ballerinas

Tiny Tots

Ages: 2 - 4

This class will focus on the basic movement and movement of ballet, tap, and jazz! 


Elementary Age Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Ages: 5 - 5th grade

This class is a combo class. These classes will focus on the two dance styles offered. 

Youth Dance Group

Drillteam Prep Classes

Ages: 8th - 11th grade

These classes will focus on drill team skills that are needed to join the dance team. Everything that they learn in class should help them be successful in drill team tryouts. 

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Beginning Acro

Ages: K - 5th grade

This class will focus on learning the basic dance, acrobatic tricks and flexibility that can be used in dance choreography! 

Group of Dancers

Middle School Age Classes

Ages: 6th - 9th grade

These classes will focus on one dance specific dance style. They will learn the proper skills, techniques, and performance etiquette!

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These workshops offer basic free form movement with high energy steps. They are for dancers who like self expression, physical challenges, and healthy competition.

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